Build Your Vision With:
Hausmann's Facility Design

What is Hausmann’s Facility Design?

We help design an athletic training facility that will set you apart from the competition. We utilize our special 3D building software to replicate your space and fill it with new high-quality Hausmann furniture of your choosing.

Build the Facility You Want with These Simple Steps

Step 1

Measure Your Room

Measure your room or send us blueprints of your space.

Step 2

Select Your Products

Select your Hausmann products that are right for your training facility.

Step 3

Create Your Space

We design a 3D digital model of your training facility with your new selected furniture.

Facility Design Advantages

Improve Room Flow

Visualize how your PROTEAM™ furniture will fit in your athletic training room to improve efficiencies in your workspace.

Full-Room Visualization

Receive a bird’s eye view 3D rendering of your facility with all the products you’ll need to complete your athletic training room.

Room Design Solutions

We will partner with you to find the best solutions and design for your space.

Get Started Designing Your Facility