PROTEAM - Embossed Logos

MODEL #: A903, A904, A905, A906, A907, A908

Want your training room stand out? Try our Premium Embossed Logos!

Our embossed logos are full color and bring your training room to life. These logos are fused with the vinyl, not stitched, or glued. The fusing process ensures the logos will stand up to the daily wear of athletes and handle cleaners without worry.

PROTEAM Embossed Logos are Tough and Cleanable- unlike silk screening, decals, and embroidery.

How are Embossed Logos made?

  1. You provide us with a Vector image of the Logo or image you want on your furniture.
  2. We take that image and create a Logo Proof to make sure that we have recreated the image to your liking.
  3. We send our recreated image to be turned into a Die Plate.
  4. We use the Die Plate to create the Logos on the Vinyl

Contact your PROTEAM dealer for custom logo ordering information.

  • A903* – 12″ Emboss Plate
  • A904 – Emboss Logo – ONE Color
  • A905 – Emboss Logo – TWO Colors
  • A906 – Emboss Logo – THREE Colors
  • A907 – Emboss Logo – FOUR Colors
  • A908 – Emboss Logo – FIVE Colors

*Please Note: A plate is required to create embossed Logos. Logo production requires high resolution vector format artwork.

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How to Buy

As a manufacturer, Hausmann only sells to Medical Dealers.
Please contact us to find a local dealer.

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