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Bariatric Dual-Lift Electric Hi-Lo Mat Platform

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  • Power height adjustment from 20″ wheelchair height to
    29″ high.
  • Two direct drive, synchronized lift mechanisms for greater
    power. 600 lb patient lift capacity.
  • Tear resistant, seamless nylon-reinforced vinyl upholstered
    top with 2″ high-density urethane foam padding for
    comfort and rounded corners for safety.
  • Sturdy black laminate base with leveling legs.
  • “Hands-free” foot control.
  • Hospital grade plug.
  • Patient lift-friendly — no shelf or obstructions underneath.
  • 110V, 60Hz, 1.3 Amps.
  • Upholstery: Choice of (4) nylon-reinforced vinyl colors

Additional information

Mat Vinyl Color

Black V38, Blue V35, Gray V36, Green V37


4', 5'


6', 7'


1441-46* 4′(122cm) 6′(183cm) 20″ – 29″(51-74cm) Custom
1441-47* 4′(122cm) 7′(213cm) 20″ – 29″(51-74cm) Custom
1441-57* 5′(152cm) 7′(213cm) 20″ – 29″(51-74cm) Custom


  1. Check that all connections are secure, and that the unit is plugged into the wall.
  2. Check that the green light on the control box is on, if it is not, there is no power to the system.
  3. Verify that the wall outlet is providing power, if it is, then the control box needs to be replaced.
  4. Email the serial number of your product to and request the part number for the control box.

  1. Check the foot switch cord for damage (exposed wires, pinched points, etc.)
  2. Check the connection of the foot switch into the control box, the plug needs to be fully inserted to operate correctly.
  3. Press on the foot switch and the control box should make a “Click” sound. If no sound is heard, it could be a non-functioning foot switch.
  4. Email the serial number of your product to and request the part number for the foot switch.

  1. If it was just working, then wait 15 minutes to let it cool off and try again.
  2. Check the connection between the control box and the actuators.
  3. If there is greater than a 1” height difference between each actuator, remove the tabletop.
  4. Reset the control box by holding down both up and down buttons on the footswitch at the same time for 10 seconds. Then release both buttons
  5. Press and hold the down button. Both columns will move all the way down and bottom out, then travel up about 1”. Release the down button. Now both columns are synchronized to the same height.
  6. Test the unit by cycling it up and down a couple of times.
  7. If this does not resolve the issue, remove the mat if you have not already.
  8. Unplug one of the actuators from the control box and attempt to raise/lower the actuator
  9. Repeat step 7 with the other actuator
  10. If the actuator moves by itself, the actuator is in good working condition. If it does not, email the serial number of your product to and request the part number for the actuator.
  11. If both actuators move my themselves, then the control box must be replaced. Email the serial number of your product to and request the part number for the control box.

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