24"x72" Combination Treatment Table and Desk

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  • Dual-purpose – it’s a treatment table or a desk.
    Ideal for schools or clinics.
  • 2” Thick removable reversible urethane foam pad with
    nylon reinforced vinyl cover.
  • Top pad has straps and can hang vertically on table
    when not in use.
  • Folkstone Gray high pressure laminate sub-top with
    black 3mm edging.
  • Long stretcher offset to the back for easy access
    when sitting.
  • Pad is Blue on one side and Gray on reverse side with
    2″ Gray border.
  • Custom laminate and upholstery color choices
    available for contract orders of 10 or more tables.



4082 72″(183cm) 24″(61cm) 32″(81cm)


Option SKU
Special Table Height* 00
Table Safety Strap* A04
Paper Dispenser & Cutter A27
Pillow, full size 32
Pillow, smal*l 35

*Factory Installed

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As a manufacturer, Hausmann only sells to Medical Dealers.
Please contact us to find a local dealer.

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