Work-Well™ System

MODEL #: System-I, System-II, System-X

  • Work conditioning apparatus designed for assessment, functional capacity evaluation and work simulation.
  • Natural Oak high pressure laminate protective finish.
  • You may purchase the systems listed here or purchase individual components.

Work-Well™ System I: Start-Up Package

  • 8901 – Lift & Place Rack Station
  • 8911 – Carry-All Weight Box
  • 8912 – Tool Kit Weight Box
  • 8913 – Stockroom Crate Weight Box
  • 8914 – Packing Carton Weight Box
  • 8952 – Set of 16 Disc Weights
  • 2216 – Footstool
  • Protocol manual included

Work-Well™ System II: Intermediate Package

  • Same as System I, with the addition of:
  • 8930 – Sled Station

Work-Well™ System X: Extended Capacity Package

  • Same as System II, with the addition of:
  • 8920 – Shovel Station, Shovel, Sand
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How to Buy

As a manufacturer, Hausmann only sells to Medical Dealers.
Please contact us to find a local dealer.

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