Discontinued - Torque Therapy Table - Your extra pair of hands

MODEL #: 4286

600 lbs
  • Table is designed to aid in stretching, muscle isolations,
    joint distraction, manual spinal manipulation, and
    orthopedic special testing.
  • Twelve strategically placed holes allow for placement of
    two different size movable bolsters.
  • Includes two 6” round x 12” tall bolsters and two
    3” round x 12” tall bolsters designed to be placed vertically
    on the table.
  • Six legs and plywood top for added strength and 600 lb
    weight capacity.
  • High pressure laminate legs, aprons, and H-brace.
  • 1.5” reversible blue vinyl coated high-density mat
    measures 30”W x 78”L.
  • Full length shelf for storage of bolsters when not in use.
  • Legs have protective black vinyl scuff caps.
  • Laminate color choices: Natural Oak or Wild Cherry
  • Patent pending design.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Weight Capacity: 600 lb (272kg)



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