PROTEAM - Options for Modular Taping Stations

MODEL #: A918, A926, A923, A924, A944, A945, A946, A929

450 lbs

2-Seat Taping Station with Options

Shown left to right:

  • A918 Full Extension Pullout
  • A926 Fixed 75° Upholstered Back
  • A923 Set of (3) Drawers
  • A924 Waste Hamper
  • A945 Top Drawer Lock
  • A944 Full Height Doors
  • A946 Lock/Bolt
  • A929 Side Pull-Out Stand

Modular Taping Station Options Specify on order

Extra DrawerA914 Extra (1) Drawer

Full Extension Pull OutA918 Full Extention Pull-Out

Access DoorA943 Hinged Side Access Door

Full Height DoorsA944* Full Height Doors

Wall PadA9250 Velcro Wall Pad, 24″ x 24″

Front Pull-Out StandA927* Front Pull-Out Stand and Drawer

Three DrawersA923* (3) Drawers (in lieu of doors)

Waste HamperA924* Waste Hamper and Cutout

Fixed Upholstered BackA926* Fixed 75° Upholstered Back, 26″H x 10″D (only available on 42″D and 48″D units)

Laminate TopA941* Laminate Top with 3mm Edging

Locks and PullsA945* Lock, A946* Lock-Bolt, A947 4″ Satin Finish Wire Pull

Side Pull-Out StandA929 Side Pull-Out Stand

*Factory Installed

SKU A918, A926, A923, A924, A944, A945, A946, A929 Category

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