Ergo Sit-Stand Desktop

Health Benefits

  • Improved mood lowered stress
  • Less fatigue, more energy
  • Increases heart rate when standing
  • Better attention span less boredom
  • Fosters more team collaborations
  • Standing leads to more movement
  • Sitting for prolonged periods can increase your chance of Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes,and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Standing too long can over stress your back
  • It is a good ergonomic practice to change positions and can lead to better work posture


  • Available in black (R-1000) or white (R-1001)
  • Support for desktop PC or laptop
  • Integral cable management
  • Grommet in monitor platform
  • Comfortable, gel, wrist rest mounted on keyboard tray
  • Keyboard tray lowers to rest on tabletop (for sitting)
  • Gas spring assist for effortless adjustment
  • Extremely stable at all positions


  • Weight capacity of laptop, keyboard and monitor should not exceed 28.6 lbs.
  • Product shipping weight is 43 lbs.
  • Monitor or laptop platform size is 24"W x 16"D
  • Keyboard platform size is 24"W x 9"D
  • 16.5 height adjustability
  • Gas spring mechanism warrantied for two years or 5,000 cycles
  • Shipped via UPS, assembly required