Special Delivered Pricing on these Items:    

PRICE LISTED IS FOR QUANTITY OF 1. Delivered to 48 contiguous states Dock to Dock only. No accessorial charges are included.Please check below your item to see accessorial items that may be required or you may check with Hausmann Customer Service for any accessorial charges that may apply. See additional terms and ordering procedure.

PLEASE NOTE: Garage quantities and stock are constantly changing.

Strength Test Platform: $99
Quantity Available: 2

4795-706 Bariatric Hi-Lo Treatment Table with Power Backrest: $4999
Quantity Available: 1

A9021-346-725 Proteam Recovery Table: $1400
Quantity Available: 1

Silver Star Finger Ladder: $46
Quantity Available: 10


Dumbbell Tree with Weights: $35
Quantity Available: 77

High Hydrotherapy Chair: $297
Quantity Available: 4